Obrigatório não ver

Opening day April 1st | 18h in Círculo Sede


Ana Hatherly(1929-2015): Mandatory not to see

A panoramic, literary and visual exhibition

The poetic and visual work of Ana Hatherly was built from the writing and from there drifted to an intelligent plasticity, using different media and languages. The theme of the Revolution of the April 25, 1974 and the political and social transformations that followed marked indelibly her poetry, her writing drawing, her painting and cinema. A significant number of works to exhibit in Coimbra revolves around this theme constellation. Also her essayistic dimension and her role as disseminator of contemporary art call for revisiting. After 36 years on the exhibition “Descolagens na Cidade (Take-offs in the City/Decollage in the City”, her work is back to CAPC to induce reflection and arouse debate.

Jorge Pais de Sousa

Ana Hatherly ©Maria José Palla [2003]

Ana Hatherly ©Maria José Palla [2003]

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