The objects which are presented here are from a private sphere, where they were originally displayed in front of books on a bookcase which slowly became populated with objects, a continuous motion devoid of meaning beyond that of occupying any free space found. On the one hand, some objects may have been intentionally placed there, while others appeared there randomly, left by one person or various people who lived in that space. With no function other than occupying space and memory, these objects have greatness in two ways: they are objects gathered from the world, with a complete disregard for their intelligible part; and they are objects given to the world. Not wanting to annihilate the objects’ contingent memory, it is disregarded, leaving only the memory of the selection of some objects or accepting the random appearance of others.

The passage of these objects from the private sphere to this public sphere carries no intention to add anything; it is merely the unfolding of an innate and repeatable gesture.

This gesture is in any one of us, lying in wait to be shared.

Pedro Carvalho de Ferro 

Pedro Carvalho de Ferro (Santa Bárbara de Nexe, 1967)

Pedro Carvalho de Ferro studied Quantum Physics at MIT. He is currently a visiting professor at Harvard University, USA. He is the author of several books on classical mechanics and applied physics.