Tropeçar não é cair

Tropeçar não é cair/To trip is not to fall

My work develops the intimate relationship between body and matter. It calls the spectator to approach the objects with the purpose of appreciating them in silence, with time and care, so as not to upset its state of latent stability. For MUSEU, I propose an inversion of this paradigm. In this case, an obstacle, the glass, renders the physicality of the encounter impossible, allowing observers to merely exercise their minimal condition: observing. 

In this state of distancing, the exhibited objects can never be interpreted as separate entities, but always as one image, one set.

In the ambiance of MUSEU, the speeches of the author, the spectator and the space itself merge into an essay on relation, expectation and perception.

Inês Coelho da Silva


Some things should only be said after dark, 2017

Pine, glass and pepper

19 x 12 x 71 cm

Such a good intention, 2018

Engraved mallet

122 x 15 x 8 cm