The religious celebrations of Isabel of Aragon, patroness saint of the city of Coimbra, take place on even-numbered years along with its procession, and are usually joined with the secular celebrations of the city around the local holiday, 4July, organized by the city council of Coimbra. This religious celebration, as well as its two processions, were cancelled this year by the Holy Queen Isabel’s brotherhood due to the current pandemic.

In this year of absence of the procession of the Holy Queen, the Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra have set a challenge to the citizens of Coimbra and the world to send in photographs of previous processions in honour of Isabel of Aragon, so they could be cumulatively exhibited in a collective, organic and dynamic way, during the month of July. Is still possible to see the result of this chalenge, in MUSEU by the Santa Clara bridge, until the end of September.

Collaborators on the project: 
António de Jesus 
Urtélia Silva 
Jorge Costa
Paulo Abrantes
Maria Eduarda
Cláudia Patrício
Carlos Jorge Monteiro
Rafael Vieira
Lourenço Leitão
Dinis Alves 

Because all art is representation, in the etymological sense of re-presentation, of making present, RAINHA ISABEL IN ABSENTIA aims at symbolically bridging a great absence and proposes to guarantee, by the medium of art, a presence in the absence of all that ceremony, a supra-religious happening that belongs to the imaginary collective of the city, Portugal and the world.